Work experience at Express Solicitors

Work experience at Express Solicitors ltd has been very compelling and insightful for me. Upon first arrival I felt immediately comfortable within my surroundings, amongst the members of the admin team at reception. These people were extremely welcoming and helpful in aiding me with directions across the firm and I was specifically fond of their friendliness. I was regularly offered a drink by all members of staff, helping me to feel a part of the team. Emily Wattis was also remarkably helpful in providing me with a timetable which enabled me to prepare for, and anticipate, what I was to experience exactly each day.IMG_E0447

On Monday afternoon I was given the opportunity to visit Cobden house chambers with partner, Daniel Slade and his trainee solicitor, Katryn Mercer. This was a very enjoyable, yet also alluring, experience which provided me with an insight of what my career might entail. Prior to this and then continuously throughout the rest of the week I visited each of the different departments within the business. This was thought- provoking and intriguing as I was introduced to many new terms and as I observed a Counsel clinic it enabled me to learn more about how the subject of Law works to benefit every client. Meeting people from each different department has helped me to gain a brief insight into how a Solicitors firm runs. Shadowing these employees involved watching clips of CCTV, listening in on client phone calls, scanning and allocating cheques which are assigned to the company and learning the concept and relevance of Costs. Members within the medical agency group “On time” and the NCT department, in the same building, were also notably inviting and provided me with experience in administrative duties and showed me how everything runs through the system of “Proclaim”, whilst also being significantly amiable.


I believe that my work experience week has been stimulating and has fascinated me to the extent to which I would recommend the opportunity to anyone else in a similar position to myself. The various tasks have allowed me to gain valuable skills and take relevant steps towards the position I wish to eventually procure in life. I am very grateful to Express Solicitors for providing me with this opportunity and I express my thanks to every member of their team.


By Meg Speakman

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