Car Accident Claims

Car accidents can range from just a small bump with no visible damage to the vehicle, to accidents where the vehicle involved has to be written-off. Many individuals believe that if there is no visible, cosmetic damage to the car, then the passenger(s) must not be injured; however it must be remembered that bumpers are designed to absorb impact! There can actually be a great deal of underlying damage to a car even if you cannot see it. This is the same for motor accident injuries; you do not need to have visible cuts and bruises in order to make a claim due to an injury. An example of this would be whiplash.

Your Claim

Call Express Solicitors today to speak to our expert legal team. They will carry out a free over-the-phone assessment and talk you through the process of making a claim. A legally trained individual will conduct your claim for you from start to finish. This allows you to have complete peace of mind, as well as time to recover and rest following the car accident.

How long will my claim take?

Every car accident case is different based upon its complexity. Some claims can settle within a matter of weeks whereas others can take months. However  rest assured, Express Solicitors is well known for its efficiency and processes all claims in a diligent manner.

How much is my claim worth?

It would be impossible and misleading to tell you how much your claim is worth before you have been for a medical examination. It is only after a thorough medical examination has been conducted, that we could place an estimate onto the value of your claim.

Many personal injury firms will have claim calculators on their websites, letting you know how much your claim could be worth. Unfortunately these estimates will not be accurate and are generally misleading. At Express Solicitors, we pride ourselves on being honest, genuine and independent solicitors. We will always strive to achieve the maximum amount of compensation possible for your claim, unlike some other firms that will aim to settle as quickly as possible, sometimes meaning that you could lose out on thousands of pounds.

Why use Express and not my insurer’s solicitor?

Express Solicitors are completely independent; we are not tied to any insurance companies and do not pay referral fees for claims.

In some cases, the insurance company used by both parties (you and the person that crashed into you) in a car accident is the same – creating a huge conflict of interest. Express Solicitors are wholly independent and therefore not dictated by any external companies. We will not settle claims for the best interest of an insurance company but solely in your best interests.