Cycle Accident Claims

Express Solicitors has a specialist cycling accident department that deals with a vast range of complex cycle injury cases.

Ryan-cycle-1Cyclists are extremely vulnerable road users as they have no hard outer shell to protect them if they’re involved in a collision. In 2013, 109 cyclists were killed and 3,143 cyclists were seriously injured on UK roads.

Common injuries sustained by cyclists include:

  • Fractured/Broken bones
  • Torn ligaments
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Head injuries

Am I Eligible to Make a Bicycle Accident Claim?

When a motorist is injured, or their car is damaged in a road traffic accident, they are protected by insurance companies. Cyclists on the other hand, are often left to fend for themselves following an accident that leaves them injured and in need of medical treatment.

Financial compensation awarded in such cases can help you cover the cost of medical fees resulting from your injuries and repairs to your bike, accessories, as well as any loss of earnings resulting from a period spent out of work.

How Will My Claim be Handled?

Our lawyers will use all their expertise to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. Even if you have been injured by a vehicle that leaves the scene of the accident or is uninsured, or if you are injured due to an unidentified spillage, we will follow up your compensation claim with the Motor Insurers’ Bureau.

In addition, if your cycle accident is caused by a pothole or a defective road surface, we will pursue a claim against the Highways Authority on your behalf. If the local authority responsible knew of the defect and did not repair it, or was not carrying out regular inspections of the road, you could be eligible make a successful bicycle accident compensation claim.

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