Amputation Claims

Are you looking for loss of limb compensation? At Express Solicitors, we can help with amputation accident claims and have a wealth of experience in the amputation claims area. Therefore, you can rest assured that we are the best personal injury lawyers for any wrong limb amputation claims.

Common Amputation Claims

As the UK’s foremost amputation claims solicitors, we are well equipped to handle claims relating to:

  • Arm Amputation
  • Finger Amputation
  • Hand Amputation
  • Foot Amputation
  • Leg Amputation

We understand how traumatic an amputation can be, and work with some of the foremost medical specialists in order to ensure our clients receive the best quality rehabilitation and medical care, helping them rebuild their lives following the amputation.

The Best Medical Care With Amputation Claims

We can help with a variety of wrong limb amputation claims, including arm amputation, finger amputation, hand amputation, foot amputation and leg amputation. Our solicitors all have significant experience in amputation accident claims and understand how traumatic losing a limb can be, which is why we work with the leading medical specialists to ensure our clients receive the best medical and rehabilitation care.

Continual Compensation Support

Our solicitors will provide you with in-depth advice regarding your amputation accident claims, and are incredibly passionate about individual amputation compensation cases. Our amputation claim solicitors will support you during every stage of your wrong limb amputation claims, and aim to ensure you receive the maximum amputation compensation possible.

Consult Express Solicitors

If you have been the victim of clinical or medical negligence, you might have an amputation compensation case. Also, as we offer ‘no win no fee’ amputation claims, there is nothing to lose by consulting and proceeding with wrong limb amputation claims if our experts believe that you have a valid case.

If you are interested in talking to one of our solicitors about amputation claims, or for a free initial consultation regarding loss of limb compensation, phone us on 0161 904 4660, email us or fill in our ‘call me back’ section for us to telephone you.