Brain Injury Claims

At Express Solicitors, we have helped many people pursue and win brain injury related claims since we were founded in 2000.

Related Incidents

Brain injuries can take many different forms, and often the full extent of the damage inflicted takes years to manifest itself. Accidents and injuries, which often result in brain injury, include:

Financial recompense may not be the first thing on your mind at a time like this but the  compensation you receive can be invaluable, helping you get the best treatment possible as you deal with any physical or mental after-effects, and it’s essential you have solicitors on your side who can help pursue your case.

Case Study – Mr S

A day of motorcross racing at Armthorpe Moto Parc in Doncaster turned into a devastatingly life changing day for Mr S.

It was Good Friday in March 2005 when Mr S, who was enjoying a practice session at the racing track, stalled his bike on a jump.

Due to the poor and inadequate marshalling of a 14 year old school boy, another motorcyclist behind Mr S wasn’t properly informed that Mr S was in a position of danger. The motorcyclist therefore took the jump and landed on top of Mr S causing him horrific, life threatening injuries. Although Mr S survived he suffered severe brain damage.

The accident was brought to the attention of  Express Solicitors and the case was taken on.

The senior lawyer working on the case states: “I carried out a thorough investigation of the incident and it transpired that the marshalling was inadequate. The consequences are that Mr S’s life has changed forever – not only has he split up with his partner and now has to live full time with his family, but also he will never earn as much money now as he did before the accident.”

In May 2009, the case was consolidated with that of the other rider involved in the accident and it went to trial at Liverpool High Court. Here, the judge listened to the evidence of the other rider, another witness on the track, the 14 year old marshal and Bryn Close, the owner of the track at the time of the accident.

After considering all the evidence, the judge found there was no negligence on the part of the other rider and that it was the Defendant at fault because the marshalling was inadequate.

The track owner did attempt to get the decision overturned – three times actually – but this was refused.

Express Solicitors had to gather a great deal of evidence for the case in order to prove that Mr S’s accident was down to poor marshalling and although it took a few years to build the case, the result shows that justice will prevail if the case is prepared thoroughly and managed well.

The amount of compensation is yet to be confirmed as the case is ongoing, but usually compensation awarded for a brain injury is a lot higher than the average personal injury claim, as it is required to improve the quality of life for the injured person.

Our main objectives have been to get Mr S the best treatment and rehabilitation available, as well as 100% of the compensation he deserves. With a brain injury, it is far more than just processing a claim and seeking compensation, as the after-effects of such an injury are usually life-long. Therefore, achieving maximum compensation is essential to cover after-care costs long into the future.

It was therefore essential for Mr S to deal with a specialist solicitor who could make a claim not only for the pain and suffering endured, but also for future loss of earnings and other costs such as specialist treatments and rehabilitation.

Compensation & Beyond

There are support systems in place to help you through these difficult times and we do our best to help.

Whilst the idea of pursuing compensation will not occur to you immediately, it is worth pursuing.

A Brain injury of any size can shatter a person’s life and leave them – and those around them – struggling to put the pieces back together. At Express Solicitors, we have a passion for fairness and justice. We will strive to help you receive the maximum compensation you are entitled to.

Qualified Solicitors – Here To Help

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When you choose us to help you pursue a brain injury claim on behalf of a friend or family member, you will be treated with respect, compassion and honesty every step of the way. We understand that this is a truly traumatic time, and we aim to make the process as easy as possible.

Based at our Manchester headquarters, we give free legal assessments over the phone and will then visit you at home or at hospital. We take time to get to know our clients, to forge a strong bond of trust.


If you want further information or advice on our services and what we can do for you, please get in touch. One of our expert personal injury lawyers will be happy to talk through your options and circumstances.