Eyes & Sight Injuries

If you have suffered an eye injury that was not your fault, whether it left you visually impaired or caused total blindness, you may be eligible to make a claim for financial compensation. Contact the team of personal injury solicitors at Express to discuss the potential of your compensation claim.

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How do I Make a Claim?

If the initial accident which caused your eye injury or loss of sight was someone else’s fault, contact the solicitors at Express as soon as possible to discuss the potential of your claim. We will provide you with an immediate appraisal of your case’s chances of success and, should you decide to pursue it, will offer legal advice and support every step of the way.

Our team of personal injury lawyers have access to a team of dedicated support specialists and the latest computer technology, ensuring they have all the resources necessary to ensure you receive the maximum amount of compensation.

Can I Claim for My Eye Injury?

Common eye injuries that lead to successful compensation claims include:

  • small projectiles such as stones or shards of glass entering the eye during a car accident;
  • burns to the eye;
  • trauma to the eye resulting in scratches, irritations or cuts;
  • mistakes made during laser eye surgery

Whether you have been left with non-permanent damage to one eye, or a friend or family member has been permanently blinded, you could make a claim for compensation, assuming the accident was the result of another individual’s negligence.

Compensation awards can be anything from £1,000 for minor eye injuries to £140,000 in exceptionally severe cases, in which the accidents resulted in a total loss of sight.

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For more information about making a compensation claim following eye injuries or total loss of sight, contact the personal injury lawyers at Express Solicitors on 0161 904 4660 or e-mail us.