Brian Turner

Brian Turner

Express Solicitors take on Tesco

When planning a trip to the supermarket Brian Turner did not even consider the possibility he would return injured.

A visit to Tesco in Manchester left Brian with a soft tissue injury to his Achilles tendon when a cast iron carousel base fell.

Brian explains: “I was in the gardening section of Tesco where the cast iron bases were on a high shelf and there was one put onto its side for display purposes.  This display base fell off the shelf and hit me in the back of the leg, injuring my ankle, particularly my Achilles tendon. ”

A trip to the local Accident and Emergency department, plus a four week recovery period, persuaded Brian he should bring a personal injury claim.

“I was meant to be going on holiday,” continues Brian, “but the injury to my right ankle rendered me unable to drive. A friend of my said I should pursue a claim and recommended Express Solicitors.”

Kimberley Newman took my case on and as it wasn’t contested by Tesco, it was settled in less than six months.  When the carousel base fell the shop assistant saw it first hand, a Tesco first-aider took a look at my injury and I filled in an accident report too – so it was all pretty straightforward.”

“Express Solicitors worked on a no win, no fee basis and I received £1,200 for my injury.  The service I received was excellent and I would have no hesitation in recommending the firm to friends.”

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