Caroline Gayne

£1,860 for head and neck injury at Next store

Caroline Gayne brought a claim against the new Next retail store in Shoreham by Sea when she was hit on the head by a canvas painting while browsing in the shop with her parents and newborn baby.

At the time, the store had only been open a matter of weeks and the paintings hadn’t been fixed to the wall.  When the accident happened in September 2011, Next admitted liability within a week and Caroline’s claim proved to be quick and straightforward.

“I was just grateful I was not holding my little boy,” said Caroline.  “I was simply leaning over to look at some drawers when I felt a sharp pain on the back of my head and realised the painting had fallen on me.  It hadn’t been fixed to the wall properly and had toppled off the ledge on to my head.  We reported it to the manager and health and safety representative and I was told somebody would contact me, but nobody did.

“Not long after I started getting headaches so I visited the doctor for a check up.  A friend also suggested I called personal injury lawyers so I got in touch with Express Solicitors and was told I had a case.  My solicitor went through the whole claim process over the phone and proved to be extremely knowledgeable and helpful.

“I seemed to have permanent headaches and neck pain and my doctor diagnosed me with whiplash, which took about three weeks to heal.  In the meantime, my family helped me out with the baby and it was tough, I couldn’t do any house work because of the pain and as I couldn’t look over my shoulder, I couldn’t drive either.

“Luckily Next admitted liability straight away and my claim went through quickly. Express Solicitors sent me for an assessment with an independent health consultant and I was eventually awarded £1,860 for my injuries.

“The service I received, from start to finish, was excellent and I was always aware of what was happening next in the process.  If I ever had the need for a personal injury lawyer again, I’d go straight to Express Solicitors.”

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