Rosa Edwards

Rosa Wins £17,500    

Express Solicitors won £17,500 for Rosa Edwards, a legal assistant from Old Swan, after her jaw was fractured during a tooth extraction, leaving her with permanent numbness on her face.

During a routine check-up, Rosa’s dentist suggested an impacted wisdom tooth was removed to eliminate potential problems in the future.   Rosa was reassured it would be simple procedure that wouldn’t hurt, but the reality proved very different.

“I was told my tooth would come out easily,” said Rosa, “but when I went back to have it removed I heard the dentist tell the nurse it would need a surgical extraction.  I was also told that if the tooth didn’t come out easily, I would be referred to the dental hospital.

“After two injections to numb my mouth, the dentist cut away some of my gum before drilling away some jaw bone.   She then proceeded to pull at my tooth for an hour or so.  While she was attempting to remove the tooth I felt immense pain and pressure on my jaw and at that time I thought I heard a crack.  In the end, she gave up as she didn’t want to put me through any more pain and sent me home with painkillers and antibiotics.

“For the rest of that day I was in excruciating pain and the following day the pain and swelling was worse.  I couldn’t eat and was still unable to feel my chin, lip and teeth.

“I eventually saw an emergency dentist who sent me straight to hospital where an x-ray showed a fracture in my jaw, which would require surgery.  I was kept in overnight and put on an IV drip with antibiotics.  I was also told the reason I couldn’t blink after the numbing injections is that the dentist had probably hit a nerve – and I was lucky the feeling had come back at all.”

On 1 April 2010, Rosa was taken into surgery where her wisdom tooth was removed and a titanium plate inserted in her jaw.  Rosa was left with a small scar on her cheek where the surgeon had to cut through.

Even after surgery, Rosa continued to suffer from numbness in her lower right jaw, intermittent discomfort and pain, as well as an itching sensation on her face.

She continues:  “The after effects of this tooth extraction continue.  I try to eat on both sides of my mouth but it feels strange as I can’t feel the right hand side.  I also avoid hot food and drinks as I can’t feel them properly.”

Already working for a personal injury law firm, Rosa was aware she would be eligible to make a claim for medical negligence against her dentist.

Express Solicitors worked on Rosa’s behalf and in 2013 won £17,500 in damages to compensate for her pain and suffering, loss of earnings and bonus, and other associated costs.

Rosa concludes:  “My solicitor Hannah Bottomley was amazing and built a great rapport with me, dealing with the claim quickly and keeping me updated every step of the way.  I would definitely recommend the firm and would use it again should I need to.”

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