Gary Briggs

Gary Briggs

£115,000 claim won for untraced driver claim

When a BMW caused Gary Briggs to crash his car and sped off, leaving Gary with serious injuries, Express Solicitors fought his compensation claim through the Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB).

In September 2004, Gary was driving from London to Essex when a BMW overtook him, but having missed the exit from the dual carriageway the driver of the BMW cut in front of Gary’s car, causing his car to spin around and hit the inside central reservation and then the outside reservation before it fell onto its side.

The driver responsible for the accident didn’t stop at the scene but sped off from the collision and because the driver was untraced, Gary’s claim was pursued by Express Solicitors through the MIB.

The claim was initially rejected by the MIB as the bureau deemed there was insufficient evidence of the BMW and no witnesses to the accident.  However, Express Solicitors lodged an appeal on behalf of Gary and the claim was accepted.

Gary’s injuries were severe, with his wrist bone cutting through the skin and his elbow cutting through the back of his arm.

In addition, Gary was training to be an accountant at the time of the accident and Express Solicitors asked the MIB to consider the affect of his injuries upon his employment prospects, particularly as Gary’s vocational training was delayed.

“I only expected to win around £40-£50,000 in compensation so I was delighted to be told by Express Solicitors that the sum won was £115,000.  This accounted for the fact that my injuries were so serious and that I had psychological injuries too,” said Gary.

Robin Patey who looked after my case handled it very sensitively and the service that I got of him was perfect.  I hope I never have to use the firm again but I would recommend Express Solicitors to my friends and family or to anybody else who has been involved in an accident like mine.  The Motor Insurance Bureau was going to refuse my case but Express Solicitors fought hard and got it reinstated – the firm never gave up on me and brought my case to a successful conclusion.”

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