Jenifer Sansom

Jenifer wins £17,000

Senior care home worker Jennifer Sansom has already recommended Express Solicitors to a friend, based on the excellent service she received when she used the firm to claim for a knee injury.

Jennifer was working night shift at the care home where she worked when a resident kicked her hard in the side of her left knee, causing months of pain and immobility.

“The accident happened while I was helping a colleague deal with a resident who has a habit of stripping off,” explains Jennifer.

“As we were putting his clothes back on, the resident kicked me in the knee and sent me flying across the room.  I didn’t think too much of it at first, in fact I just took some painkillers when I got home, but before long I couldn’t walk.  I made an appointment to see my doctor and he refereed me to a knee specialist.

“The specialist told me I had damaged the cartilage tissue in my knee and it was treated with two operations and months of physiotherapy.  Walking was still very painful though and I relied on crutches to get me around for almost a year.”

Following the accident, Jennifer couldn’t work so she contacted Rachel Flannigan at Express Solicitors who helped her bring a claim against her employer for injury and loss of earnings.

Jennifer’s employer was found to have breached health and safety legislation by failing to provide her with adequate training and also by failing to risk assess the patient who caused the injury.

“Rachel worked really hard to fight my case and her easy going manner was a great comfort,” continues Jennifer.  “She found time to have a laugh and a joke with me and this took the stress out of pursuing a claim.

“My case was fought on a no win no fee basis and because my employer admitted a breach of duty and contributory negligence I won £17,000 in compensation.  I was absolutely delighted with the result.”

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