Joan Dodds

Joan Dodds

Express doubles payout in speedy settlement

When Joan Dodds from South Wales was involved in a car crash just minutes from her home, she thought her compensation claim would be straight forward because the driver of the other car immediately admitted liability.

Joan and her husband had just left their house when the other driver lost control of his car and careered into the passenger side, where Joan was sitting.

Although the cars weren’t travelling at high speed, Joan was admitted to hospital for three weeks with a fractured spine and fractured sternum, as well as severe bruising to her body.

“My husband was insured by Vauxhall Insurance, which advised us to contact its recommended personal injury solicitors in Tewksbury,” explains Joan.

“However, while everybody we dealt with was courteous, my claim dragged on and on and almost two years later there had still been no progress. In addition, I was told that I would receive just £3,000 for my injuries at the very most.”

Disillusioned, Joan decided to take positive action.

She continues: “Express Solicitors was recommended to me by a friend and I decided I had nothing to lose by changing law firms.”

“I had no regrets. Within six months I had accepted a £7,000 compensation cheque for my injuries from my insurance company – £4,000 more than I was promised by the previous firm.”

“From my lawyer through to the secretaries and receptionist, everybody I dealt with at Express Solicitors was professional, helpful and polite.”

“Hopefully I will never have to use the firm again but I would definitely recommend the firm to anybody who needs to make a claim.”

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