Krysia Lewis

Krysia Lewis

£8,000 for injured walker

Krysia Lewis from Chelmsford, Essex, got more than she bargained for when walking to her friend’s house a couple of years ago.

As Krysia was walking through a cut, she fell over a bollard that she had failed to notice because a leylandii tree covered the streetlight.

“When I fell I dislocated and broke my wrist,” explains Kryisa, “It really couldn’t have been worse as I’m a self-employed beauty therapist and in my profession my hands are my most important tools.”

Express Solicitors helped Krysia bring a claim against the owners of the property in which the tree was growing, as it was their responsibility for keeping the tree in check and ensuring it wasn’t a danger to the public.

Krysia continues: “The path wasn’t safe as the head of the lamppost was totally buried in the tree and I received £8,000 for my injuries within just nine months.”

“The solicitor I dealt with was very kind and made it so straight forward and stress-free. I was delighted with the sum I received and the speed with which my claim was brought to fruition; I would happily recommend Express Solicitors and use the firm again if I ever needed a personal injury lawyer.”

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