Lee Hopwood

Lee receives £8,000 compensation

When Lee Hopwood was knocked off his mountain bike his first thought was not for himself but for his three children, who could have been left without a father had he not been wearing a helmet.

Lee was riding to work when a car suddenly pulled out of a junction and clipped his bike.  He went over his handlebars and landed on the bonnet of the car before falling into the middle of the road.

“My bike was only nine days old so I shot straight back up to check it,” said Lee, “but the pain hit me quickly and it turned out I had quite a list of injuries.”

“Chest Pain Left me Struggling to Breathe”

“The car hit me on my left leg and I had a lot of pain in my left knee.  Then when I fell off my bike, I fell onto my right side so I had swelling and bruising to my right leg, shoulder and elbow, neck pain due to whiplash and chest pain due to broken ribs, which left me struggling to breathe.

“At the time of the accident and afterwards I just kept thinking ‘I could have died’ and my primary concern was for my three children.

“My secondary concern was for my bike, in fact I only contacted Express Solicitors so I could claim damages for my bike and helmet.

“It was only after a solicitor came to visit me at home that I was told I was also eligible to claim for my injuries.  My claim was dealt with quickly and efficiently by my solicitor, who kept in constant contact with me by telephone to keep me up to date with the case’s progress.

“I was pleased with the outcome of the claim.  The defendant blamed the accident on the glare in road but I knew it was too dark for there to be a glare.  The defendant looked up and saw me but decided to nip out of the road anyway and I ended up getting hit.

“It was a horrible experience but it could have been worse.  Of course, I’m pleased with the £8,000 compensation awarded for my bike accident claim but being here for my children is far more important.”

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