Lyndsey Worley

Lyndsey Worley

Preventable bus accident nets £1,300

New mother Lyndsey Worley from Wigan should have expected a little more help from the driver when she was trying to alight his bus with her one month old son in the pram.

However, one of the region’s most high profile bus companies let her down.

“The driver said he was too busy to lower the platform for me,” said Lyndsey, “and didn’t offer to help me get the pram off his bus.”

As Lyndsey struggled with the pram, the wheels got caught between the bus and the kerb. Lyndsey went to catch her baby but fell, twisting both her knee and ankle.

“My boyfriend managed to catch my son but I fell quite badly and ended up on crutches for three weeks – the last thing you need when you have a newborn to look after.”

“I rang the bus company to complain and then I rang Injury Lawyers 4 U, which put me in touch with Express Solicitors.”

“The bus company said it hadn’t even heard of my complaint but I had a letter of apology to prove it had.”

“Express Solicitors sent me to see a specialist and then kept me updated at every stage of my claim. I was delighted to receive £1,300 but wish the company had been more helpful in the first place.”

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