Pamela Stead

£4,500 for Pamela’s trip claim against Kirklees Council

Pamela Stead from Dewsbury was with her husband, walking her dog one Sunday morning in October 2011, when she tripped on a raised manhole cover that was the responsibility of Kirklees Council.

As she tripped, Pamela tried to grab hold of the railings next to her, but couldn’t save herself and when she fell to the ground she hurt her knee and elbow.

“The concrete around the manhole cover was worn which left the lip sticking up by approximately one inch – it was this I tripped on.  I walked the five minutes home bruised and bleeding, with the excruciating pain exacerbated by the downhill walk,” said Pamela.

“My daughter’s a physiotherapist so I went to her clinic in Halifax to get my knee checked out.  She was convinced it was fractured so I went to A&E, but they looked at my x-rays and told me nothing was wrong.  It wasn’t until my daughter insisted I had a second round of x-rays that the hospital discovered I’d fractured my knee cap.  It meant I couldn’t drive for six weeks and I needed help around the house.”

Pamela’s daughter suggested she made a personal injury claim and her husband called Express Solicitors, which pursued Pamela’s case against Kirklees Council on a no win no fee basis.

“I was a little worried about dealing with solicitors but I was put at ease straightaway,” she continues.  “An advisor came to my home to carry out an initial assessment and then I saw a doctor for further examination.  My solicitor kept me informed every step of the way and worked hard to get my claim was settled for £4,500 within a year, despite the Council digging its heels in and denying liability at first.

“I was delighted with the service I received from Express Solicitors and for the amount of compensation I was awarded for my injuries – not only was it painful, but also inconvenient.  On the bright side, my daughter is pregnant with her first child and it will be a pleasure to use some of my compensation to help out with the nursery and accessories.”

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