Sade Alade

Sade wins £11,400 and gets justice following RTA

When Camden’s Sade Alade was involved in road traffic accident (RTA) that wasn’t her fault and the other party refused to admit liability, she was worried her car insurance premiums would dramatically increase.  It was because of this that Sade decided to pursue a personal injury claim.

It was in August 2009, when Sade and a friend were going away for the weekend that they were cut up on a roundabout by a refuse lorry misjudging a turn off.  Sade’s car was a write off and she suffered from psychological injuries and physical injuries, which included muscle and tendon damage to her hip.

Sade explains:  “The lorry was on the inside lane and tried to cut into the outside lane to take the exit, but the driver misjudged the turn off and ploughed into my car.  My friend and I were in shock, but we didn’t call for an ambulance as we felt okay.

“It wasn’t until a few weeks later that I started to get pain in my hip.  I went to see an osteopath for treatment and it was him who asked if I’d been in an accident.  I told him it was a few weeks ago but that I had felt fine and the osteopath told me that my pain was probably down to the car accident.”

It was at this point that Sade contacted Express Solicitors, a firm that had come highly recommended by her friend.

“My friend spoke very highly of Sharon Denby so I asked for her specifically,” continues Sade.  “Sharon sent me for a psychiatric assessment as I had been badly shaken and also arranged for me to see an orthopaedic consultant.  The consultant assured me there was no damage to my bone structure, but said there was damage to the muscles and tendons, which by their very nature take longer to heal.  However, I saw a physiotherapist and increased my Pilates classes, both of which helped.

“The whole claim process was simple and didn’t take much effort from me.  An advisor first came to my house then Sharon kept in touch by telephone and email.  When I thought about personal injury lawyers in the past it was in a negative way but Sharon was brilliant; she had a gentle and friendly manner that made me feel at ease.  Her kindness and consideration made the case seem less painful.  There was a genuine sense that she was working very hard for you and cared very much about the outcome.

“In addition to her kindness, Sharon was also incredibly professional and knowledgeable.  The opposing side really didn’t want to accept liability and I just wanted them to tell the truth so my car insurance premiums wouldn’t go up.  When I felt bullied by them, Sharon calmed me down and explained to me the importance of hanging on in there as it wasn’t personal, it was just tactics.

“Prior to the accident I’d never had investigative hospital treatment for any back or joint issues.  However, following the crash I even had to stop high impact exercise because of the pain in my hip and while there’s still trauma, it’s manageable.  The £11,400 was very welcome, but for me it was more about keeping my insurance premiums down and hearing the party at fault admitting they made a mistake.

“Liability was disputed to the very end but Sharon was tenacious and pushed for what was right.  I’m so grateful for that and couldn’t recommend the firm highly enough.”

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