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Steven Kay

Steven wins £2,700

When Steven Kay became despondent at the lack of progress his appointed law firm was making with his employers’ liability claim, over the nine months it was with them, he decided to take decisive action and asked Express Solicitors to pursue his claim instead.

It turned out to be a great decision for Steven because Express Solicitors settled his claim within four months and for several hundred pounds more than he expected.

Steven, a 21 year old chef from Wythenshawe, was working at The Romper Pub in Altrincham when he suffered a chemical burn injury to his right foot.  In a room at the pub, assigned to staff for changing, a caustic oven cleaner that should have been securely stored, had leaked onto the floor and also into one of his safety boots.

He said:  “I noticed one my boots was wet when I was getting changed, but because it has been raining heavily, I thought it was water and just put them on.  15 minutes later I experienced a burning sensation and when I took my boot off, I saw my right foot was bright red and starting to blister.  I worked my shift in a lot of pain and the next day went to a local walk-in clinic where the medics diagnosed a chemical burn.  It turned out to be D9 oven cleaner on my boot and not water.

“I had to go back to the clinic four times to get the burn cleaned and redressed.  My foot was so painful that I couldn’t walk on it for a couple of week and it took about six weeks to fully heal.”

Steven, who has been left with permanent scarring, first contacted a high profile solicitors based in Yorkshire but after nine months found there was little progress on his claim.  Another chef had left the oven cleaner unattended in the changing room and said the loose nozzle must have caused the D9 to leak onto Steven’s boots.  With liability admitted, Steven’s claim should have been straightforward and therefore resolved quickly.

He continues:  “It was a simple claim, as my employer had admitted liability, so there shouldn’t have been a delay.  Every day, on my way to work, I would pass Express Solicitors’ office in Wythenshawe so I popped in there and asked if they would look after my case instead.

“From that day on, everything happened really fast.  My solicitor was fantastic – that very day she made a call and I got an appointment for a doctor to take a look at my injury just a month later.  It meant the case was wrapped up much sooner than I could have hoped for.  In addition to this, my solicitor negotiated more compensation than I expected.  I was really pleased with the £2,700 I was awarded for my injury and out of pocket expenses.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better service.  I only went to the firm in July and the claim was settled by October.  I was also kept informed by email and telephone every step of the way and this really gave me confidence in what the firm was doing.  I would definitely use Express Solicitors again.”

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