Tony Makin

Tony wins £525,000    

When a senior barrister told Tony Makin from Oldham there was no chance of him winning his personal injury case, he didn’t give up.  Tony instead contacted Express Solicitors, which helped him win some £525,000 compensation for a serious back injury that will affect him for the rest of his life.

In 2005, Tony was travelling by coach to Doncaster Races when the vehicle hit a large pot hole in the road.  Tony was sat in the middle seat on the back row, looking down the aisle, and as the coach didn’t have seatbelts, he was thrown out of his seat.  Tony hit his head on the roof of the coach before landing on the floor in the aisle.

He explains:  “When I finally came around I tried to get up, but I couldn’t.  I realised then that something was seriously wrong and an ambulance was called.”

Tony was taken to hospital where an X-ray showed he had fractured his vertebrae.  He was put in a back brace and stayed in hospital for two weeks before being discharged to his parents’ home.

“I couldn’t go back to my own home because I couldn’t get around,” Tony continues.  “Luckily my parents have a bungalow so I was able to go there.  I ended up in a wheelchair, in my back brace, for almost a year and during that time I found out I had a degenerative and painful condition called spinal spondylosis.

“I contacted a solicitor through my union at work and the case went on for about two and a half years, with the local authority being sued for the road defect and the coach company for negligent driving.  Eventually, the case files were sent to a senior barrister, who told me I might as well give up as I had no chance of winning my case.  Luckily I didn’t give up.  I was put in touch with Express Solicitors and the firm was magnificent, it changed my life.”

Express Solicitors pursued both parties and the coach company eventually admitted liability for negligent driving.  Partner Daniel Slade, who handled Tony’s case, also instructed a pain consultant for him.  Tony was offered a regular residential programme to treat the pain, which involved staying in hospital for a couple of weeks at a time.

Tony said:  “For the first time, somebody began to understand the extent of my injuries and the chronic pain I was in.  I’ve been classed as disabled as I’m unable to work and will need help for the rest of my life.

“I was originally offered £75,000, which I was advised to reject and this then went up to £200,000.  Eventually, Express Solicitors succeeded in getting the coach company to agree to £770,000 damages from which I received £525,000.

“It’s meant the world to me in the sense that I’ve finally been able to prove this wasn’t my fault.  It has also left me financially secure.  If I can get back to work, it would only be on a part time basis, but if I can’t, then I know I will be okay for money and that’s all down to the fantastic and diligent team at Express Solicitors, who won my case for me when others had said it was impossible.”

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