Yolanda Mashi

£4,250 for Yolanda’s slip on a wet floor

Yolanda Mashi from Rochester, Kent, was working at House of Fraser in the Blue Water shopping complex when she walked out of a lift and slipped on a film of gel left by the cleaners.

The accident, which happened on 8 January 2011, resulted in a debilitating hip condition.  Yolanda experienced excruciating pain that led her to take several weeks off work, during which time she was unable to drive, look after her children aged five, seven and 11 or undertake any household chores.  In addition, the pain led to uncomfortable, sleepless nights.

Describing the accident, Yolanda said: “The cleaners left cleaning gel on the floor but didn’t put a sign out, so I walked out of the lift and slipped forward onto my hands and knees.  My knee swelled straight away and I had to leave work, crying and embarrassed.  My husband put an ice pack on it, but it was bruised and I couldn’t put any weight on it.  A few days later, I saw a doctor who said it was tissue damage and prescribed painkillers.

“I work part time and as I’m in retail I felt I couldn’t let people down, so I went in the following week and worked despite my pain.  By 14 February I started to feel a burning sensation in my left leg and hip and then I knew it was serious. I was referred to a physiotherapist but the appointment took weeks to arrive.  In the meantime I couldn’t look after my children or my home and my husband had to take time off work to help.”

Eventually an orthopaedic consultant diagnosed Yolanda with a condition called trochanteric bursitis, but was unable to ease her pain.  It wasn’t until she had steroid injections some five months later, in June 2011, that it eased.

“When I had the accident, my sister-in-law suggested I make a claim, which was eventually brought against the cleaning company.  I contacted Express Solicitors as I knew it was no win, no fee and I had nothing to lose.

“An advisor initially visited me at the house because I couldn’t walk, he was great – very quick and efficient.  Then Kimberley Newman looked after my case and she gave me an outstanding level of service.  I couldn’t fault her in anyway; she kept me up to date through every step of the claim and was comforting, polite and reliable.

“I was asked to see a doctor to find out more about my injury and in March 2012 I was awarded £4,250.  I would have settled for less, in fact the first offer was for £2,720, but Kimberley knew how serious my injury was and felt I should be granted more for my pain and suffering.  Some of this was also for the care and assistance given to me by my husband.

“I’ve spent my money wisely and cleared credit cards and debts.  I would recommend Express Solicitors with all my heart – I truly believe the firm gave me a first class service and cared very much that I got the compensation I deserved for my injury.”

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