Back Injury Claims

Back injuries are one of the most common work place accidents that we deal with at Express Solicitors. Back injuries can be extremely painful, sometimes inhibiting your ability to work and dependant on the severity may also require long-term medical care.


The causes of work place back injuries can include:

  • manual handling of heavy objects at work
  • prolonged periods of physical activity with insufficient breaks
  • carrying out poor ergonomic tasks (e.g. unsuitable office chair)
  • a lack of training (e.g. how to lift appropriately)
  • slips, trips and falls at work
  • the use of heavy vibrating machinery (e.g. pneumatic drill)

Where the work involves pushing, pulling, lifting or supporting a load, the Manual Handling Operations Regulations apply. These regulations outline that it is the responsibility of your employer to risk assess all manual handling tasks and aim to avoid them where possible, or reduce the risk of injury where they cannot be avoided.

Back injuries should not arise if employers follow the regulations and ensure that work practices are safe. Consequently, employers are held liable if they fail to do so.

Your Claim

Express Solicitors have dealt with many workplace back injury cases, we currently have numerous on-going cases with injuries of this nature.

An Orthopaedic Consultant that specialises in back injuries will be used to assess your injuries and provide a report with their opinion and prognosis.

An experienced Solicitor will guide you through the process ensuring that you are compensated both for the injuries that you have sustained and for any earnings that you have lost as a result.