£10,000 Awarded to Client After His Employer Denied Fault for the Accident

A client of Express Solicitors’ was injured in an accident which occurred at his place of work in April 2013. Our client was unloading a pallet which contained flat packed boxes which were covered in shrink wrap and banding. He was using a pair of metal scissors to cut away the shrink wrap and banding and was trying to cut the banding in a downwards position whilst also levering the scissors at the same time. As our client was doing this, he sliced his finger with the metal scissors and as a result suffered personal injury and loss.

Liability was denied by our client’s employer on the basis that they had no record of our client’s accident. His employer claimed that until our client could prove that the accident occurred they would not admit fault for the accident. Rachel Diskin was the Assistant Solicitor dealing with this case and she requested documents from the third party which revealed that our client had received first aid on the date the accident occurred. Despite this, his employer’s continued to deny liability for the accident.

Consequently proceedings were issued, and on receipt of court directions it was noted that no permission was given for our client to obtain further medical evidence, therefore an application was made to the court. Counsel was instructed to attend court on behalf of our client, and the application was successful and Express Solicitors were permitted to obtain further medical evidence. At this point the defendant solicitors then admitted primary liability, despite profusely denying liability previously.

Thanks to the work of Assistant Solicitor, Rachel Diskin, the case settled in the sum on £10,000 despite an initial offer of just £6,250.

If you have sustained an injury at work through no fault of your own and would like to receive legal advice and compensation for your injuries, please call Express Solicitors on 0845 456 4007.

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