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Express Solicitors moves up in the Lawyer 200 rankings

The Lawyer Top 200 was published earlier on this week and Express Solicitors are proud to announce we have moved from position 140 from 2018 up to 120 in 2019. This show significant growth in the firm. Within England and Wales there were as of 2017 9488 private practice Law firms.

Express Solicitors Group increases turnover to £21m

Manchester-based personal injury law firm, Express Solicitors, has announced its best ever financial results, with group turnover reaching £21,004,530.

ACSO – Association of Consumers Support Organisations

Last month saw the launch of the Association of Consumer Support Organisations (ACSO). Express Solicitors are one of the founding members whose aim in joining together with other firms is to bring awareness to consumers of the impending law change when the general public will have to navigate the Civil Justice system.

Exceptional circumstances: an escape from fixed costs?

Claimants solicitors are well accustomed to the fixed costs regime as set out in Section 45 Civil Procedure Rules 1998 (CPR). The recent ruling in Hislop v Perde & Kaur v Committee of Ramgarhia Board Leicester [2018] EWCA Civ 1726 confirms that a Claimant cannot escape fixed costs purely by the late acceptance of a Part 36 offer by the Defendant.

Driving whilst on your mobile phone

The offence of using a mobile phone whilst driving is now one of the most common road traffic accident offences. According to the findings on the RAC Report on Motoring 2017 it states that a shocking 23% admitted to having used a handheld phone to make or receive a call whilst driving in the previous 12 months.

Have you been injured by a vehicle on private land?

If you have suffered injury due to a vehicle on private land: be it a Segway, golf buggy or ride-on lawnmower, then your position to make a claim has never been stronger.

The danger of the pre-medical offer

This week, I have settled a claim for a client who had suffered from an exacerbation to a pre-existing back injury following a road traffic accident. Mrs Thomas had a long history of back pain and had even undertaken spinal surgery prior to the accident.

How safe is cosmetic surgery

The cosmetic industry is booming and is estimated to be worth over £3.6 billion in the UK. You may be surprised to hear that procedures such as face-lifts, dermal fillers, Botox, laser or intense pulsed light (IPL) have been carried out almost entirely unregulated for years.

Vicarious liability in the UK following Cox and Mohamud

Earlier this year the issue of vicarious liability made its way to the Supreme Court in the cases of Cox v Ministry of Justice and Mohamud v WM Morrison Supermarkets PLC, leading to an increase in the scope of what employee activities their employers can be found liable for.

Express Solicitors is proud to join the ethical marketing charter

Express Solicitors has signed up as a signatory to support the Ethical Marketing Charter in a bid to help stamp out poor marketing practices within the legal sector.

Access to justice

Justice is something that everybody should have access to regardless of their ability to pay for the legal expertise and the process they have to take to get it.

Getting your life back after an amputation

Having a limb amputated is understandably a life changing experience. Whatever the reasons for the amputation, it is incredibly important, for both the amputee and the families, to regain a sense of normality in their lives.

Should cyclists take more responsibility for the accidents they cause?

The laws regarding cyclists involved in accidents have come under question after a man broke his wrist, after being knocked over by an oncoming cyclist. As it stands accidents involving just bicycles are not classed as a crime under the Road Traffic Accident Act.

James Maxey Appears on BBC Breakfast TV & BBC Radio

On 7th June 2014, Express Solicitors’ Managing Partner, James Maxey, appeared on BBC Breakfast TV as well as BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio Five Live, and BBC Manchester.

Key courtroom etiquette

Being in a courtroom isn’t a pleasant for anyone, regardless of whether you’re a witness, defendant, member of the jury or the claimant – although, obviously it’s more unpleasant for the defendant.

Non-monetary reasons to make a compensation claim

Many compensation claims are made for financial reasons following an accident resulting in an injury. Those making claims for financial compensation may need money to cover the cost of medical treatment, to adapt their home or maybe because they had to take time off work resulting in a loss of household income.