£11,750.00 For Client after accident on a pavement

Mr Kabal is a Police Officer from Manchester. On 16th April 2014 he had been to see Manchester City at their football stadium and as he was walking out of the stadium he tripped over on a defect protruding from the ground at the side of the pavement. It transpired that the defect was in fact remains of an electric box which had been partially removed during construction of the Metrolink platform.image1+1

Mr Kabal sustained soft tissue injuries to his left ankle but more serious injuries to his left knee. He ruptured his ligaments and required an operation to reconstruct the ligaments. This of course affected both his work and home life. With rehabilitation arranged by his employer he made a good recovery.

Mr Kabal initially instructed solicitors who were not able to take the case any further as the local council denied responsibility. A further firm of solicitors then acted on his behalf, however again failed to obtain an adequate response from Manchester City Council and other potential contractors who may have been involved. Mr Kabal instructed Express Solicitors and following disclosure of good quality photographs and being more forceful with the local council, they admitted responsibility subject to Mr Kabal proving his injuries were caused by the fall. Express Solicitors duly obtained the necessary losses and medical evidence on his behalf and have recently secured a settlement in the sum of £11,750.00.image3(1) +1

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