£160,000 compensation GP failure.

Mrs Roberts’ late husband saw his GP on a Friday afternoon at 5:15pm complaining of chest pains, the pains having started the night before.  Mrs Roberts says it was out of character for her husband to seek medical attention.  The GP examined her husband and sent him home with advice for relief of musculoskeletal pain.  The GP failed to recognise the severity of the symptoms, namely that they were cardiac-related, he also failed to consider risk factors such as age and family history, nor record blood pressure.  Mrs Roberts awoke 2 days later to find her husband unconscious.  Sadly, he died after paramedics attempted CPR for 45 minutes.   Both the Claimant’s and the Defendant’s cardiology experts agreed that Mrs Roberts’ husband would have survived if he had been referred by the GP to hospital 2 days earlier.Anna

The case settled for £160,000, which included substantial sums for Mrs Roberts’ past losses of dependency on her husband for income and services, and for anticipated future losses of dependency on his income, services and pension.  Of particular note, Mrs Roberts recovered approximately £50,000 in respect of her husband’s lost share of his mother’s estate of which he would have inherited half had he survived this incident.  Mrs Roberts was also entitled to a statutory bereavement award of £11,800 and recouped funeral expenses.

Mrs Roberts wanted to ensure security for her future which had been planned with her husband on their retirement – she felt that the GP had taken that away from her and her husband.  She wants to ensure that no other family has to endure the devastation she has endured by losing her husband at the hands of his GP.

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