£4,100 Awarded to Lady After Being Injured at Work

Miss Jean Chapman has been awarded £4,100 after a colleague accidentally threw a set of keys in her face, damaging one of her teeth.

On the day of the accident, Miss Chapman was attempting to enter her place of work with a colleague but found the office door locked. She turned to retrieve the keys from her deputy, when she was suddenly hit in the face by them.

Miss Chapman could feel that one of her teeth had been knocked out of place and the crown on that tooth had been pushed inwards. It was bleeding slightly and Miss Chapman was unable to close her jaw and was in a great amount of pain.

At an emergency dental appointment two days later, Miss Chapman underwent an x-ray and treatment to the back of the crown to stop her bottom teeth from hitting it.

At another appointment, Miss Chapman was informed that there may be a root fracture to her tooth. This was confirmed when the dentist removed the crown. Miss Chapman required an implant and replacement crown.

Miss Chapman’s accident could have easily been avoided if her colleague had not carelessly through the keys to the office towards her.

Thanks to the hard work of Kate Sanderson, Assistant Solicitor at Express Solicitors, Miss Chapman was awarded £4,100 in compensation.

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