£52,000 Awarded to Stock Replenishment Operative

At almost 75 John Cleverly was perfectly fit and able, working as a stock replenishment operative in his local Sainsbury’s store. Mr Cleverly, states that: “If I had not had my accident I do think that I would have carried on working at Sainsbury’s as I felt fit and healthy.”

The accident occurred when Mr Cleverly was carrying out a manual handling task at work which led to the development of a hernia. As a result of this hernia he had to have surgery and following the operation Mr Cleverly lost over two stone, but due to his stomach muscles being cut during the operation, his waist size has gone up four inches.

The hernia and his increased waist size that resulted has left Mr Cleverly unable to do many of the things that he used to enjoy. Something as simple as mowing the lawn and tending to the garden now has to be done by a professional gardener, whom he and his wife pay throughout the year. The windows now have to be cleaned by a professional, before Mr Cleverly would have done it himself. This has not only put a strain on his life but also his wife’s too, as she now has to lift and carry everything that’s too heavy for John to manage.

As well as this the effect of the hernia operation on Mr Cleverly’s stomach muscles has meant that his waist size has increased and he is unable to regain his fitter, more toned shape because of his inability to exercise. He also has trouble getting upstairs – where the bedrooms and bathrooms are situated in his house – because of the strain on the affected injury area and even has to avoid doing household jobs like vacuuming.

Thanks to the hard work of Robert Weeden at Express Solicitors, Mr Cleverly has been awarded £52,000 in compensation this is despite the fact that Sainsbury’s denied all liability in the first instance.

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