£57,500 compensation after a fall into a manhole

Whilst Mrs Cosgrove was walking along the pavement, she stepped onto a large yellow board that was covering a manhole when suddenly the board gave way.images

As a consequence of the accident Mrs Cosgrove suffered an injury to her left ankle.

The defendants accepted fault and Express Solicitors proceeded to obtain medical evidence from an Orthopaedic Surgeon.

The expert confirmed that she had suffered a fracture to her left ankle.  She was a temporary back slab for a few days, a cast for 6 weeks and then a boot for 4 to 5 weeks and had to take 12 weeks off work before spending a further 4 weeks on light duties.

The medical expert recommended a course of physiotherapy and expected a full recovery within 13 months from the date of the injury.a509797676b3e5_SA-1.0

Mrs Cosgrove did not recover as expected and was re-examined by the Orthopaedic Consultant 14 months post-accident.  She complained of a continued burning discomfort across the ankle and had undergone several injections into the foot with little improvement.

Mrs Cosgrove also suffered with an exacerbation of depression for a period of 4 to 6 months.

Due to the ongoing symptoms Mrs Cosgrove was further examined by a pain expert Professor Lalkhen some 4 years post-injury.  He confirmed the initial diagnosis but further concluded that she was suffering with chronic post traumatic neuropathic pain.  Mrs Cosgrove suffered with moderate to severe pain daily which affected her mood and impacted on her every day activities.  She has developed coping and avoidance strategies at work and Professor Lalkhen concluded that she may have a disadvantage on the open labour market even though she had not incurred any loss of earnings to date.

Once the Claimant’s medical evidence was finalised and her prognosis for the future cleared advice was sought from a Barrister as to the value of the claim and ultimately the claim settled for a significant sum of £57,500.00.

Mrs Cosgrove was delighted with the outcome and extremely pleased with the way that Mrs Catherine Citron had handled her claim.

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