£7,265 Awarded to Our Client Following An Accident At Work.

Simran SathiOur client was employed as a Visual Stylist for Marks and Spencer’s PLC.  Around December 2014, our client was involved in an accident at work. During the course of her employment our client was required to use a set of ladder whilst carrying out works on the shop floor.

After returning the set of ladders back on to a hook in the area where they are stored, our client turned around and tripped over a concrete step and subsequently fell and landed on the floor.  Whilst in the process of falling, our client put out her right hand which took most of the impact of the fall and sustained soft tissue injuries to her right wrist and bruising to the right knee.

After instructing Express Solicitors in January 2015 the case was handled by Simran Sathi in the Employers Liability Department. Once our client’s claim had been submitted to the Defendant’s insurers, an admission of liability was received shortly after.

Following this, our client no longer needed to concern herself with who was at fault for the accident and arrangements were made for our client to be examined by an specialist Orthopaedic Consultant in order to prepare a report based upon the injuries that our client unfortunately sustained.

The Defendant’s Insurers attempted to settle our client’s claim at this stage by making a Pre-Medical offer in the sum of £1,700.00. Our client was advised that without finalised medical evidence and details in relation to any expenses or financial losses that were incurred as a direct result of the accident, we were unable to quantify her claim at this stage and therefore if our client accepted the offer she may have under settled her claim.

The above offer was rejected and our client continued with her claim.

Shortly after, our client attended her medical appointment with the specialist Orthopaedic Consultant who reviewed our client’s medical records and following the examination confirmed that as a result of the accident at work our client sustained the following injuries:

  • Sprained Right Wrist
  • Fractured Right Ring Finger
  • Sprained Right Little Finger
  • Soft Tissue injury to the Right Knee

The Orthopaedic Consultant confirmed that the 5 weeks that our client had taken off from work following the accident was appropriate given the injuries that she sustained.

Our client had already attended upon the hospital following the accident and had started sessions of physiotherapy.

Our client was advised that she did not require any further rehabilitation and once the medical expert had provided a prognosis of when he believed that our client would recover from her injuries, we were then in a position to value our client’s claim.

Following a review of the Judicial Guidelines and considering the injuries sustained by our client the claim was valued in the region of £6,000 – £8,000. The Defendant’s Insurers put forward an offer in the sum of £6,765.00 and following negotiations the offer was later increased to £7,265.00. This offer was then accepted by our client in full and final settlement.

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