When the Civil Liability Act comes into force next year the world of personal Injury claims will change yet again. With the proposed increase of the Small Claims court limit increasing for Road Traffic Accidents to £5000, and the limit for work related or accidents in public spaces increasing to £2000, then the general public will be forced to pay a greater percentage of their compensation to lawyers or struggle to fight insurance companies for compensation without the benefit of legal advice. You could be sure that on every occasion, the insurers will be able to afford their own solicitors and barristers.

Also on the near horizon are very low fixed tariff awards for the vast majority of Road Traffic Act injuries. Just a few hundred pounds rather than the amount being carefully assessed by a Judge if agreement cannot be reached between an injured person, solicitor and the insurance company as is the case now. Will people be getting more compensation if their airline flight is delayed for 3 hours than if they’re injured in a road accident and have to take time off work and lose earnings because of soft tissue neck and back injuries?

ACSO was set up to try to bring together a number of organisations who may be able to help or give guidance as well as stakeholders in the personal Injury arena such as Solicitors, Claims Management Companies and action groups such as cycling organisations. The aim is to have one co- ordinated voice that represents the consumer in their fight for justice.

The first year’s objective for ACSO is to gain a firm foothold and establish itself as a strong and coherent voice working with a number of groups in readiness for the law change in 2020.

Express Solicitors are one of the first to give not just support but also funds to help set up ACSO as we believe the rights of the injured person should not be diluted and we will always fight for their rights to the compensation that they deserve.