Asbestos – The Hidden Killer

Great to see the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) launching their ‘Hidden Killer’ campaign aimed at promoting awareness of asbestos. Far from being an historical problem around 4000 people die each year in the UK from an asbestosrelated disease.
Mesothelioma lung cancer asbestosis and pleural thickening are the four main killers diseases which can be contracted from even lowlevel contact with asbestos. While longsince prohibited from use in the building industry it can still be found in any structure that was built or refurbished before 2000.

Young Generation Of Tradesmen Most At Risk From Asbestos

Naturally it is the younger generation of electricians joiners and plumbers who are most at risk due to a combination of the nature of their work and also the perception that asbestos is not a threat in the twentyfirst century.
The ‘Hidden Killer’ website debunks myths and provides facts and advice on how to deal with asbestos. There are interactive sections too with a quiz to test knowledge of asbestos risks.
They’ re also laying on 4000 additional classroom hours to educate the British workforce on the dangers.

Extent Of Asbestos Risk Still Not Clear

Given the potential scale of the problem there are calls for a national audit of all public buildings including schools to ascertain the exact scale of the risks posed by the killer dust.
Asbestos has claimed more than 40000 lives from mesothelioma since 1960 and sadly the rate of new cases coming to light is everincreasing.
If you or a member of your family has become seriously ill due to contact with asbestos please contact us today to discuss your claim free of charge with a specialist Industrial Diseases solicitor.
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