Cuts To Legal Aid Hit Clinical Negligence Victims Hardest

In November of last year proposals were unveiled by the Ministry of Justice which will radically reduce people’s access to legal aid. Justice Secretary Ken Clarke said the legal aid ‘must play its part in fulfilling the Government’s commitment to reducing the fiscal deficit’.

Clinical Negligence Victims Will Suffer The Most From Legal Aid Cuts

The aid of the cuts is to save approximately 350million pounds in legal aid by 201415. Eligibility rules will be tightened fees cut by ten percent across the board and funding removed from whole categories of legal work. Clinical negligence cases are just one area from which the funding is to be removed and while the reforms will work against everybody who is injured I believe clinical negligence victims will suffer the most.

Clinical Negligence Cases Notoriously Difficult To Fund

Their cases are notoriously difficult to fund and much more so than any other type of injury these people feel very let down by a system in which they have placed their trust. As well as the obvious need for financial compensation there is an element needing to seek an apology and if you’ll pardon me using a TV word here ‘closure’ after a deeply upsetting experience.
For whatever reasons there is an increase in adverse incident in the NHS. A worrying trend and restricting people’s access to get redress from the legal system for these types of cases is grossly unfair.
If you or a member of your family has suffered from Clinical Negligence please contact us today to discuss your claim free of charge with a specialist Clinical Negligence Solicitor. 
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