£3,150 after an accident at work

I recently represented Mr Johnson in a claim for compensation following a nasty fall at while at work on 29th October 2015 which caused him to sustain a severe injury to his left elbow.

On the day of the accident, Mr Johnson was working using a flatbed lorry, in his job as a Gardener. As part of his job he had to load and unload discarded shrubs, tree and grass from the back of his lorry.

As Mr Johnson was exiting the rear of his flatbed he attempted to climb down he caught his left elbow on the side panel of the lorry. The vehicle he was provided did not have any form safety equipment or safe way of exiting the flatbed of the vehicle. Following the accident new vehicles were provided which now have the safety rails, ladders and steps.truck

As a result of his accident, Mr Johnson had his arm in a sling for 8 weeks and suffered with pain in his elbow on a daily basis for around 15 months. Mr Johnson was unable to drive for over 3 months, he struggled to lift anything while he was recovering and was unable to even lift his children up to hold them.

His accident could have been prevented had his employer ensured that the lorries and trucks that they ran and operate had suitable safety equipment fitted in order to facilitate access. Additionally had their employees been suitably trained, supervised and made aware of the dangers of working on the back of a vehicle in such manner this accident could have been avoided.

Liability was denied by the Defendant throughout the claim and Mr Johnson accepted an award of £3,150.99 in compensation at trial.

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