Importance of recording information when involved in a bus accident

Day in , day out people will look to rely on the services of public transport in order to go about their day to day lives. When you board a bus as a passenger, your well being is in the hands of the driver and as such you are owed a duty of care by the driver.

Unfortunately, accidents happen and sometimes, those accidents result in injury. When you are involved in an accident and you are a passenger on a bus, it is likely that you did not even witness the circumstances of the accident yourself.Bus

Therefore, it is crucially important to obtain and record the correct details if you are unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident of this nature. We appreciate that being involved in any form of road traffic accident is a stressful and daunting process and it may not be at the forefront of your mind to consider the investigative work needed in order to bring a claim.

This article aims to assist you in the unfortunate event that you are involved in an accident and so you have the general understanding of what is needed to assist you on your case.

Firstly, it is extremely important to get all of the details of the bus you are a passenger on. This includes the bus drivers details and description, the registration of the bus, the bus number and the bus company. There are many buses on the roads and a number of different companies, it can often be a difficult and a time-consuming exercise to locate a specific bus on a specific route without the necessary details.

Secondly, always report the accident to the driver and request any contact details necessary for reporting an accident effectively. Doing this will greatly increase the prospects of success in your case if the accident is reported immediately.

Thirdly, keep your evidence of travel or obtain a record of it. There are many different ways of logging your travel on a bus and it is vital, that if you are involved in an accident that you obtain a record of this. It is a common tactic by the insurance companies to try and claim that you were never on the bus to begin with. Any evidence of travel will counter this argument.ticket

Fourthly, it is often the case that the bus you are a passenger on is involved in an accident with another vehicle. It may be that the bus you are on is not at fault for the accident and therefore, it is extremely important that you obtain the details of any other vehicles involved in the accident yourself or from the driver as we may look to pursue a claim against them if it is found the bus is not at fault.

Finally, there will often be other travel users on the bus with you, and the details of any witnesses that were involved in the incident alongside any photographs that can be taken at the scene may greatly increase the chances of success in your claim.

A large proportion of bus accidents get off to a slow start, due to the fact that the solicitors you choose to represent you have to spend an extended period of time attempting to locate the relevant parties in order to pursue a claim. If these details are obtained at the scene then it makes your representatives job easier and subsequently, bring your claim to a swifter conclusion. It works to help us to help you.

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