Increase In Cyclist Fatalities At Odds With Improved Road Safety Statistics

I recently blogged with an analysis of the recent figures published by the Department For Transport concerning road traffic accidents noting how much improved they were regards to fatalities.

More Cyclist Dying Despite Safer Roads

One area of concern though was cyclist fatalities. The roads are getting generally safer yet more cyclists are dying with an increase of 7% from 2009 to 2010. This is in contrast to fatalities for all road users which are down 16%.

The economic downtown rising price of fuel and an increasingly environmentally conscious public means there have been an increase in the number of cyclists on our roads. Yet use of bikes is up by merely 1.5% so this is not a significant factor.

One of the main causes of death is crushing injuries typically caused by a heavy lorry crushing the cyclist as they corner. The size of these vehicles means they may need to swing right before making a lefthand turn and a cyclist may instinctively moves into the newly created gap and is crushed by the turning truck.

A Quarter Of Cyclist Deaths Caused By Crushing

Wearing a helmet goes a long way to preventing deaths caused by head injuries as Olympian James Cracknell testifies in a recent video. Watch that here. 

However 25% of cyclist deaths are caused by crushing accidents. The mismatch between the human body and the 7.5 tonne lorry means that only things that can arrest this slump are a better understanding between cyclist and driver and better provisions for cyclists on our roads.

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