Man Awarded £8,250 After He Was Attacked by a Japanese Akita Dog

David Roberts was 18 at the time of the accident and was at a friend’s house stroking their dog – a Japanese Akita breed. The dog was seemingly happy but then without warning bit Mr Roberts right across his face, causing a serious laceration.

Mr Roberts needed hospital treatment and required stitches under his eye and on the inside of his nose. He also suffered flashbacks about the attack and increased anxiety around dogs and pets in general. After the wounds healed he was left with scars on his cheek below his eye and on the tip of his nose. These had been repaired by surgeons somewhat after the accident. Due to scarring on the inside of his nose the client also experienced sneezing attacks as a result of the accident.

Express Solicitors held the owners of the dog responsible and it was taken over by their insurance company. After some early correspondence they admitted liability. Express Solicitors obtained Mr Roberts full medical records and had him seen by both a Consultant in Plastic and Hand Surgery and also by a Chartered Clinical Psychologist.

Thanks to the work by Alex Ratcliffe at Express Solicitors, the case settled outside of court for £8,250.00. This sum included £2,370.00 which would pay for Mr Roberts to get cosmetic surgery (on a private basis) under general anaesthetic in order to get the appearance of his scars improved.

If you have been injured through a dog bite through no fault of your own, you may be entitled to financial compensation. For free legal advice from a specialist Personal Injury solicitor, and help with making your claim call Express Solicitors on 0845 456 4007.

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