Medical Professionals Need To Take Responsibility For Their Mistakes If They Want To Avoid Expensive Legal Fees

Robin Patey, Senior Partner at Express Solicitors believes that medical professionals should admit responsibility to any mistakes they have made straight away in order to avoid hefty legal fees. This comment comes after a news report was released giving details of a tragic case involving Zach Petrou, a 19year old man,  severely brain damaged after being deprived of oxygen as a baby following treatment at NHS Stepping Hill Hospital in Stockport.

Robin Patey commented: “I saw the feature on BBC North West and was incensed by the comments made by the NHS Trust who attempted to pay tribute to Zach’s parents for the care they have provided so far over the 19 years of his life. I thought that it was simply patronising! This is the same NHS Trust that seemingly put the family through the torture of taking legal proceedings in order for them to claim any money to pay for Zach’s care. Over the course of these lengthy legal proceedings Zach’s parents have struggled to pay for his care themselves out of their own life savings thus saving this NHS Trust a large sum of money.

I ask myself, why is it when a mistake is made by a doctor or member of hospital staff the NHS simply refuse to admit that such a mistake was made? They need to own up and pay for the care of innocent victims such as Zach since they will require lifelong support. The reality is that the NHS could actually save themselves huge sums of taxpayers’ money each year in legal fees alone if they admitted their mistakes and paid for the care that these innocent people require, when first asked to do so.”

Although Stepping Hill Hospital have not admitted liability for Zach’s brain damage, they have agreed to fund his lifetime care which is expected to cost around £10million.

Click on the link to read the full news story on BBC News Online.

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