NHS Lawyers Slam Legal Aid Proposals

Now even the NHS’s own lawyers are telling the government that their plans to reform the legal aid system are a bad idea. The NHS Litigation Authority (NHSLA) said it held ‘serious concerns’ over the withdrawing of legal aid for medical negligence claims rightly pointing out that the alternative way to fund such claims CFA would end up costing the NHS more in legal fees if when successful litigation is brought against them.

NHS Litigation Authority Warn Legal Aid Cuts Will Cost NHS More

The NHSLA stated that there would be a net income in public expenditure were the proposals to be implemented which signals that these particular cuts would not be truly effective in cutting costs.
Further to this they cited the issue of whether or not serious claims currently funded by legal aid eg. braindamaged children and adults would be able to secure justice as these claims may not be funded by CFA. Taking this into consideration the current legal aid debate is a moral issue and not merely one of economics.

Legal Aid Cuts A Moral And Economic Issue

Regardless the government seems intent on forcing through these changes but I wonder for how long they can keep playing the ‘NHS savings’ card now that the NHS’s own legal team have slammed the proposals and are adamant that it will do the already muchmaligned organisation yet further damage?
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