Northenden Boat race 2019

We came, we entered, we lost. But, helped to raise £1400 for The Christie and had a lot of fun doing it.1

We had 3 boats entered. The 118 crew. The Medical Crew and the Toy story crew. Sunday was a sunny hot day that was a massive change from last years event where it threw it down with rain all day. We all met at Didsbury Golf club and to say that the carpark was busy is an understatement with bovver 30 boat crews busy inflating boats and getting their fancy-dress outfits finished. We all made it to the start at Simon’s bridge for 2about the right sort of time ready for the start. Our Toy Story crew got off to a bad start as the managed to beech themselves on the edge as soon as the hooter went. Our other two crew set to the task of paddling their respective hearts out. The eventual winners. (Two young fit and healthy 20-year old’s) broke from the chasing pack and lead from the front the whole way. Our 118 crew gave chase, but a few missed training sessions showed in their stamina. In the end our 118-crew came in 4 overall and first Express crew, so they get the bragging rights for the year. The real winners were Northenden and its fantastic residents as the banks of the Mersey were lined with 3people cheering the crews on and of course The Christie who benefit every year from the fund-raising.

Next year we will be victorious. I think I said that last year as well.

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