Festive accidents and how Express Solicitors can help you

As the festive period approaches we prepare ourselves for an influx of cases involving people who unfortunately find themselves injured through no fault of their own during the winter months.

Road users should be more cautious during the winter months when the road conditions are hazardous due to ice, snow, frost and fog. However, unfortunately in some instances accidents are caused by reckless and negligent drivers who fail to drive appropriately for the weather conditions resulting in collisions with other vehicles, pedestrians or cyclists.Snow

Accidents in public places due to adverse weather can be avoided when the correct measures and precautions are in place. Unfortunately, each year we see a number of cases involving injuries sustained due to slips and falls in public places where the occupiers of the premises have failed to put down grit or put warning signs in place to notify visitors of hazards caused by wet or adverse weather.Snow 2

As we hit the highstreets to stock up on the latest gifts and gadgets for our loved ones this Christmas, we never anticipate that something may go wrong with the presents we buy causing injuries to those using them. At Express, we deal with a number of cases involving faulty electrical items and products with hazardous features which have resulted in injuries being caused when the items are in use.

With the Christmas party season approaching, many people will seek beauty and cosmetic treatments in preparation for the festivities. Waxing treatments, chemical peelsChemical peel and semi-permanent make-up are common treatments and procedures carried out by beauticians. From time to time, things go wrong with these procedures leaving clients with injuries and sometimes requiring further treatment to rectify mistakes that have been made.

If you or someone you know unfortunately find yourself injured a road traffic accident over the winter months due to the careless driving of another road user; suffer a slip of fall in a public place; suffer an injury caused by a defective product; receiving a negligent beauty or cosmetic treatment, Express Solicitors can help in securing compensation for the injuries and losses caused by the accident.

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