Poor Supervision Cause Of Child Injuries

We are currently working on a high volume of cases involving Child Injuries. Children are renowned for getting into the odd scrape as they explore new terrain and boisterously play, but unfortunately more serious accidents can occur should they not be supervised properly by parents, schools and nurseries.

Parents pay good money, whether that is privately or through tax contributions, for schooling and infant care for their children. They have a right to expect that during school or nursery hours, their child will be properly cared for in a safe and secure environment.

Sadly, a number of concerned parents have instructed Express Solicitors to represent them and their young child after they’ve suffered a serious injury. One six year old girl broke her arm in a soft play room at an after school club when another child jumped on her from a great height.

A four year old girl lost part of her left thumb when another boy who was waving scissors about cut her. She narrowly avoided more serious injury to her eyes as she was protecting her face when her thumb was cut.

And, finally, a five year old girl fell off her older sister’s trampoline, breaking both arms, at her foster carer’s house.

As I’ve blogged before, supervision is key to securing a safe environment for children. This is never more so than when potentially dangerous activities such as arts and crafts and exercise with apparatus is taking place.

In all three instances above, they occurred because the children were unsupervised. The injuries the children sustained would have been avoided had there been a responsible accident in the room to intervene when the situation became dangerous.

If your child has suffered a serious injury at a school, nursery or playgroup, please contact us today to discuss your claim free of charge with a specialist Child Injuries Solicitor.

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