The Death Toll Increases, Whilst Budget Cuts Continue In The NHS

The recent Robert Francis inquiry highlighted horrendous failings in care provided by the Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust. It was concluded in the report that patients were routinely neglected and that the Trust seemed preoccupied with cost cutting, targets and process, making them lose sight of providing fundamental care. Evidence gathered saw calls for help go ignored, patients left soiled and unwashed, and drinks and food left out of reach.

The report found that many staff members had already expressed their fears and concerns to the Trust about the standard of care. Robert Francis QC stated: “It is now clear that some staff did express concern about the standard of care being provided to patients. The tragedy was that they were ignored and worse still others were discouraged from speaking out.”

It is not exactly known how many preventable deaths there have been in the Mid Staffordshire hospitals but it is likely to be significantly above what is expected. Trainee Solicitor at Express Solicitors, Georgina Tither commented: “How people are being treated by the NHS is absolutely disgusting. This is a service that most people who require hospital treatment have no option but to use. They put their trust into the service and it is letting so many people down on a daily basis. It can be pointed that not all fatalities could have been avoided but on the evidence available from recent events it seems that there are a significant number of fatalities that could have easily been prevented through the most basic of care. It would be thought that the government would contemplate reducing the amount of budget cuts being made especially in terms of the amount of staff members providing basic care to patients. The shortage of nursing staff on hospital wards, must contribute greatly to the poor care and service provided as they are simply being overstretched and this is when mistakes are also made.”

A recent article in the Daily Mail shed light on the views of paramedics nationwide. A number of paramedics believe that patients now have a much greater risk of death due to the shortage of ambulances. One paramedic stated in the article that “some lone-response paramedics have been stranded for several hours as they waited for fully crewed ambulances to arrive.”

Furthermore, on the Guardian website there is a data article titled ‘NHS cuts to jobs: the list in full’ which gives detail into the amount of job losses at the NHS, with over 50,000 jobs lost so far already.

Georgina continues: “It is simply common sense. Such substantial job losses in the NHS nationwide are going to have some sort of an impact on the quality of patient care and it is apparent that unfortunately this is already the case.”

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