The Hidden Danger Of Asbestos In Our Homes

When perusing the property pages recently I stumbled across a Guardian article on asbestos. The dangers of this building material are well publicised risk of contracting lung cancer mesothelioma and asbestosis increase with even low level exposure but what might surprise you is that the substance remains in roughly 50% of all residential buildings in this country.

Asbestos Dangerous When Disturbed

There’s no need for panic as the substance is generally harmless until it is disturbed. It is only dangerous if it is released into the air and breathed in. Those who work in the building trades engineers fitters etc that may be at risk if they are working in an unfamiliar site or are unsure as to what they’re dealing with.
Extreme care must be taken in the removal and disposal of asbestos and corners cannot be cut. There’s some government advice here regarding this.

Asbestos Used As Recently As 1999

Asbestos was only banned in the UK in 1999 so the material is present in millions of homes in this country. A burst pipe or home improvements may cause asbestos dust to be released into the air and if you have contracted a serious illness as a result of this then you may be eligible to make a claim for compensation.
If so please contact us to discuss your claim free of charge with a specialist no win no fee lawyer.
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