The Price of Beauty

Beauty treatments are widely available in the UK and despite the recent economic downturn the market for them has continued to grow. Many women and an ever increasing number of men visit the beauty salon weekly to treat themselves to various instant pick-me-ups such as; fake tan, Botox injections, lip fillers, brow shaping, waxing, eyelash extensions and false nails. Although these procedures are non-invasive and often completely harmless they can sometimes go wrong resulting in nasty injuries.

Violet Cain, a 23 year old woman from Leeds got terrible burns as a result of having a wax treatment. Miss Cain attended a luxury salon in Leeds City Centre to get some facial hair removed using her preferred method of hair removal – waxing. She asked for a full-face wax upon arrival and was taken into a private room to receive her treatment. The temperature of the wax wasn’t tested on Miss Cain’s hand before being applied to her face. Once the wax had been applied to her face, Miss Cain thought that it felt hot but the therapist reassured her saying that it would be okay and that she was going to soon remove it. After the treatment Miss Cain’s face felt very sore and it looked very red and unsightly. When she got home the redness on her face began to turn brown in colour and by the next day it had turned black, a definite indication of badly burnt skin.

Miss Cain went back to the salon to complain about her burnt skin and they offered her a free facial but no refund. She even had difficulty opening her mouth as the skin on either side felt like it was cracking. The entire experience of receiving this beauty treatment had been very traumatic and upsetting for Miss Cain and she has been left with nasty scabs on her face that will take some time to heal.

Thanks to the great work carried out by Express Solicitors Miss Cain has been awarded £4,176. This is compensation for the pain and suffering Miss Cain went through as well as for the purchase of medication and topical creams that would help speed up her recovery.

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