Trampoline parks hit the news again.

It was reported that Ambulances have been called more than 700 times last year which is an increase of over 50% on the year before. Trampolining has surged in popularity in the United Kingdom since the craze was imported from America and the first commercial park opened in 2014, offering children and adults the chance to spend their leisure time bouncing around soft play complexes.

But with the increase in the popularity there has been an upsurge in the number of accidents some of the serious injuries that could have life changing repercussions. Sine that case of Sarah McManus was reported on Granada and Central News we have been contacted by and increasing number of people who have suffered injuries at Trampoline parks giving Express solicitors concern over some of the safety procedures that need to be in place may not be adhered to.

The greater the popularity of these venues become then the more we will see of these types of accidents. Operators of Trampoline parks need to have comprehensive Health and safety briefings for everyone who enters the venue to try to minimise their clients being injured when taking part in the activities they provide. Sadly, we have found that this is not the case and the venue operators simply point to a video that is on a loop and request that people watch it. No one checks to see if people have and often clients report that they were never even told they needed to watch any video.

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