Are You Unhappy With Your Solicitor? Transfer Your Case to Express

If you were unhappy with a service provided to you in a restaurant then you would complain about the service.  If the service did not then improve you would demand your money back or leave the premises. The same for any service provider that you were unhappy with. You would want to search for a better service provider who suited your needs.

However, many people who enter into a contract with a firm of solicitors on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis often feel trapped into a contract and therefore stay with that firm when the standard of the service is poor.

On the 6th of March 2013, our client was walking to his friend’s house when he sustained a spiral fracture to his left ankle and a laceration from his knee to his thigh.  This injury was caused when our client walked across the grass and fell down a manhole cover that had not been fitted properly.

Our client then entered in to an agreement with another firm of solicitors who promised him “everything”.  However, 14 months after signing the paperwork with the previous solicitors our client felt that the level of service that was promised to him was non-existent and his claim seemed to drag on even when the Defendant insurers had admitted liability.

Our client was so unhappy with the level of service provided to him by a previous solicitor that he called Express Solicitors to check if he could transfer his case to us.  After gaining authority to see the previous solicitor’s file we took over his claim and settled his case for £4000 this month.

If like our client, you are experiencing poor service from your current firm of solicitors who may not be meeting their deadlines or returning your calls, we can organise for your case to be transferred to us.  Express Solicitors has four service promises which enable us to provide the very best service to our clients.

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