Northenden Boat Race

On Sunday 26th August six intrepid adventures took on The Northenden Boat race. After months of training (well talking about it) they inflated their chosen craft adorned with Express Solicitors Boatbranding and set off into the wilds of the Northenden countryside. At 12.30 the crews began trekking in the wind and rain heading for the start line arriving a whole ten minutes later at Simon’s Bridge. The three Express teams were joined in the water by approximately 30 other boats and dinghy’s. The start was nothing short of chaotic with teams three and four deep when the hooter sounded the start of the race.


The field soon spread out with those who had trained for the event showing the rest a clean bow. Needless to say the Express trio were left behind in the wake of some of the other boats.


Half way down the gruelling 1 mile course the boats had stretched out. The first Express boat passing the half way mark was captained by Katryn Mercer (King Arthur) with Ryan Postlethwaite (Guinevere) as her cabin boy were in third place overall and look a strong team. About ten boats back were Maxine Holgate (The Pussycat) and Adam Singh Hayer (The Owl) were starting to put in some solid paddling. The another ten or so boats back Rachel Price (Gangster) and Alex Summerscales (Gangsters Moll) were making a very poor job of navigating the river and seam to be attracted to the weeds on the opposite bank.

At the finish the first Express boat had dropped a position down to forth due to lack lustre paddling and loosing half an oar. The other two boats finally made it across the finish line and all looked exceedingly damp and forlorn. The real winners of the event were The Christie who added £900 to their coffers and the fantastic people of Northenden who turned out to paddle cheer and laugh on a day that was decidedly WET.Exit

The training regime for next year will be altered to give them a better chance of victory and a special diet that does not include pies and chips will be enforced. Next year we will win (hopefully)