Pub Quiz Raises £240 for the Birdhouse Fund

On Tuesday 30th October a group of 18 ladies from Express Solicitors participated in a pub quiz all for the good cause of raising money for the Birdhouse Fund. Express entered 3 teams into the quiz night which was held at ‘Henry J Bean’s’ in Manchester city centre. The Express teams did extremely well coming in 2nd, 3rd and 5th place overall. The top team at Express was made up by: Catherine Rooney, Lindsay Wilson, Claire Carlo, Sapna Kapoor, Danielle Payne and Louise Higgins.

 Not only did our girls do well overall in the quiz night, but out of the 5 spot prizes up for grabs 4 were won by Express employees! Not only are our employees’ legal whizzes but it appears they also know a whole lot of useless information regarding celebrity gossip, fashion, music and other general knowledge topics.

The organisers of the event were delighted with the contribution of £240. The Birdhouse fund is a charity for women who are in need of a small amount of money to overcome a life obstacle that keeps them from following their dreams, or simply make a better start in life. For more information please visit their website: