Recycling Raises £100.00 For The Trussell Trust

Facilities manager at Express, Jimmy Cretney, has managed to raise £100.00 for the Trussell Trust food bank charity by selling old light fittings that have recently been replaced in the Express offices.

It took 9 journeys to take all of the light fittings to the local Northenden scrapyard – Races. Over 1 tonne of light fittings have now been recycled and in return for the mild steel, Express Solicitors received £100.00 which has now been donated to the Trussell Trust.

In replacement of the old fittings, new eco lights have been installed. The new light fittings will only use one third of the energy of the previous lights, and we see this change as a positive step towards our commitment to sustainability. It is estimated that the cost of the new lights will be covered in 3 years alone by the lower energy usage that the new bulbs require.

At Express Solicitors we take our environmental responsibility seriously, and are pleased that by switching to eco lights we have also managed to be able to contribute towards a worthy local charity.