Express Solicitors win £500k Compensation Claim for Liverpool Motorbike Accident Victim

A quiet motorbike ride through Birkenhead for Leana Hughes and her husband Philip turned into a nightmare just a mile from their home.

“We were riding down the B5151 Mount road in Birkenhead, Wirral when a car pulled out of a hotel car park,” explains Leana. “As the other car had not picked up speed and we were driving at 30 miles an hour Philip decided to overtake, but as he pulled back in front of the car we hit an unlit skip.”

Leana continues: “We were sitting on the bike with our knees bent out in front of us so it was our knees that got most of the impact. I crushed my tibia and fibula in my left leg in fact my tibia lost four and a half inches when the hospital cleaned my leg out. In addition, when I came off the bike I broke my collar bone and fractured my shoulder joint.”

On Leana’s second day in hospital a friend visited her and recommended she approach Express Solicitors to make a personal injury claim.

Leana was assigned to partner Robin Patey who then made a claim on her behalf against the skip hire company and her husband.

“I was transferred to The Royal Liverpool Hospital which specialises in working with metal frames and there I stayed for two long months.

“When you are traumatised and in a fragile state of mind, you really need someone to tell you that everything will be okay. Robin did exactly that, visiting me in hospital and giving me all the reassurances and peace of mind I needed.”

“In April 2008 I received £1/2 million compensation for the injuries I sustained and the trauma that I went through during and after the accident.”

“I cannot begin to thank Express Solicitors for all the support the firm has given me, I could not have asked for a better team or a more efficient service.”

Robin Patey of Express Solicitors can be reached by calling 0845 456 4007, for more information on motorcycle accident compensation claims please visit

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